Sunday, May 29, 2011

First post and summary of "Martyr"

I promised a Monday surprise.
Here it is!

More things for you to follow and the opportunity for me to post:
- teasers from my new series
- book reviews
- photographs
- and--what you're all here for--bits and pieces from my time working with Holly Black and Cassandra Clare.

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To start this right, here's the summary of my story.  And by summary, I mean part of the pitch I've been sending to agents.

"The discovery of magic was meant to further the age of man.  It should have ended disease and healed world hunger.  It was never meant to kill.  But when magic was used to convert humans into vampyres, our "global remedy" marked the beginning of the end.

Martyr, the first book in the Hunter series, focuses on Tenn, an eighteen-year-old Hunter sworn to save humanity from the demons it created.  Like all orphans of the apocalypse, he has nothing to lose and no family to live for.  When his boyfriend is captured by an elder vampyre, Tenn finds a secret ally in the vampyre Tomas.  But can Tomas be trusted, or are Tenn and his companions just being used to further Tomas' dark desires?"


  1. Martyr sounds like amazingness :D I'm soooo looking forward to teasers! You should post a ton :3

  2. Wow... I would really like to read more about this sounds fantastic!!!!